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Simply stated, we process paperwork and organize the information that helps your business be profitable and successful.Do you dread paying bills, reconciling your checkbook? Do you pick thru your mail and deposit checks, then days later realize you forgot to note who paid. Do you sometimes forget about those outstanding balances, embarrassed to call on old invoices? Overdraft fees taking a bite out of your profits? You’re not alone. Lots of smart, talented tradespeople have these issues.

Why hire a TOP SECRET Bookkeeper?

  • Our mission is to provide bookkeeping services and, accurate, timely and relative information to small businesses. We do this by hiring, training and building a team of dedicated bookkeepers and support office leaders.
  • Our vision is to provide exceptional bookkeeping and filing systems that satisfy our clients needs.
  • Our values are to keep our client work confidential and focus on making our clients successful, because our success is measured by theirs. Everything we do, we do well. We deliver the best of TSB to every client cost-effectively.

What types of service are available?

  • Onsite: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, on demand
  • Drop off & Delivery: weekly, bi-weekly

What does a TOP SECRET bookkeeper do?

  • Empty the Inbox using a calculator, telephone, filing system and computer!
  • Verify & key transactions into the Quickbooks software program. Transactions such as deposit slips, register tapes, credit card batch settlements, sales slips, vendor payouts, barter transactions, invoices, receipts, check stubs, vendor bills and credits, credit card/debit transactions and computer printouts.
  • Reconcile and balances accounts. Such as cash receipts and cash payouts; credit card, bank and vendor statements.
  • Money In - Create/process invoices, progress payments, deposits
  • Money Out - Pay bills using online bill pay, cut checks, apply vendor credits
  • Verify accuracy of financial statements. Such as profit and loss, statement of cash flows, balance sheet, unadjusted trial balance.
  • Insure all general liability, workers compensation certificates and/or waivers, along with IRS W-9 are current & on file for all subcontractors. Prepare reports & participate in annual insurance audits.
  • Payroll. Setup/maintain payroll, verify payroll liabilities & insure timely state and federal liability payments.
  • Taxes. Verify, adjust and pay monthly, quarterly sales taxes. Other taxes may include tangible, property/vehicle.
  • Year End - process 1099s, 940, W-2, W-3, state & federal payroll reconciliation, prepare files & accountant’s copy for tax preparer.

How much does it cost?

That depends on your business and if you want onsite or offsite services. Here is a guideline you can use.

  • ONSITE - A typical contractor with 2 or 3 employees with annual sales under $500K can hire us for $175 bi-weekly. That’s less than $100 a week!
  • ONSITE - Retail/entertainment/restaurant (cash registers, lots of vendors/bills, credit card deposits, etc.) with $50-75K per week in sales, is estimated at $195, 3x a month.
  • OFFSITE - Weekly offsite services that include bill pay, payroll, invoicing and filing is available for $125
  • ONSITE - Bookkeeping setup varies.
  • ONSITE- Training to use Quickbooks software starts at $45 per hour with a 4 hour minimum.
  • Filing services: setup & supplies - varies